Balik Pulau Asam Laksa
The bowl of Balik Pulau laksa consisted of all the elements of what should be my definition of a delicious asam laksa. The soup was exploding with flavour of the fish, perked up reasonably with tamarind stock and perfectly sweetened with a tablespoon of shrimp paste. On top of that, I particularly loved their rice noodles which consisted of more rice propotion than the propotion of tapioca flour.

Asam and Siam (lemak) version. Once you get past the winding hilly roads leading to the small town, finding the laksa stalls will be a breeze – since they are just along the main street and better still, opposite each other!


Kim Laksa penang-assam-laksa

Heavily influenced by Thai Laksa, Lemak Laksa (Rm 3.50) is not too common in the island. The broth itself carries a hint of sweetness as well as the creamy and distinctive flavors inherited from Coconut Milk. The soul to Laksa lies at the Shrimp Paste/ Hae Kor, a drizzle of that dark, thick and sweet Shrimp Paste does make a huge difference, it gives a very unique seafood sweetness to the Laksa. One strong reason why I adore their Laksa so much was their noodles. Unlike any other Laksa stalls, their very own version of Laksa noodles are springier and bouncier, or al-dente.
Asam Laksa Stall

Kim Laksa -balik-pulau-laksa

Kim Laksa balik-pulau-laksa

Assam Laksa (Rm 3.50) was delectable and robust in flavors. It has a medley of sweet, sour and spicy notes. One sip of the broth widens my eyes, pulsating with flavors, the sourish broth was appetizingly delightful. No, it was not too spicy and it should be perfectly okay for the spicy-intolerant. Extra condiments such as Peppermint Leaves, Cucumbers, Pineapples give an extra crunchy yet intricate texture to the dish. An aesthetically pleasing bowl of comfort food that I can ask for, well, exclusively in Penang.

Location: The T-junction road of Tun Sardon Road and Balik Pulau road with the Balik Pulau defunct market right beside it as a landmark.

Nan Guang Coffee Shop
67, Balik Pulau Main Road
11000, Balik Pulau
Business hours : 11am – 5pm daily, closed on every Wednesday except public holidays
Tel : 012 – 428 6235 (Mr. John)



Kim Laksa @ Nan Guang Coffee Shop, Balik Pulau, Penang